Perfect Love Letter

Jane Austen Festival Mandeville
In 250 words or less, write a love letter that would receive adamant approval and knowing nod from Jane Austen. Due Friday 28 March 2021 by 4:00pm

The criteria are as follows:

1. Subject matter is LOVE. The letter can be directed to a loved one (sweetheart, family member, friend, etc.) or a cherished place or thing. Judging criteria will be based on creativity, heartfelt emotion, and true expression of love and appearance. The letter must be a contemporary original composition.2.Winners will be chosen from each of the following categories:

      • Adult
      • High School Student
      • Junior High School Student
    • Middle School Student

3. Original letter must be handwritten and must be accompanied by a typewritten version. Additionally, a 12 point type Word document or PDF version must be sent electronically to [email protected]. The words “Love Letter” and the entrant’s name must appear in the subject line of the email transmission.

4. Deadline: Submission must be received by Friday, March 28, 2021 by 4:00 p.m.

Winning letters will be read at the Jane Austen Literary Festival on April 6 (students) & 2 (adults), 2019. Winners will receive complimentary gifts. Letters will be posted on the Jane Austen Literary Festival Website,

Mail original letter, print copy, and submission form to:
The Jane Austen Literary Festival
P.O. Box 1105
Mandeville, LA 70470

Or hand deliver to:

Any branch of St. Tammany Parish Library (Attn. Jenny Mayer) (985) 626-4293
WYES-TV/12 PBS – 916 Navarre Ave, New Orleans, LA (attn: Jane Austen Literary Fest)(504) 486-5511

Download the form in pdf (right click and save link as)

Submission Form

“Perfect Love Letter Contest”


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